Cyclist raises donations for VA by biking across America

A dedicated cyclist is making a monumental journey across America to raise funds for the Veterans Administration (VA). This effort covers the extensive TransAmerica Route, spanning from Yorktown, Virginia, to San Francisco, California. The journey includes a challenging 3,785 miles and 164,365 feet of elevation change across nine states over 62 days​ (Bike the US for MS)​​ (Barb Cycles USA 4 Veterans)​​ (The Planet Edit)​.

This initiative aims to support veteran benefits, with stops at various clinics and service centers along the way to engage with local communities and raise awareness. The cyclist’s endeavor not only showcases the diverse landscapes of America but also highlights the importance of supporting our veterans​ (Barb Cycles USA 4 Veterans)​​ (The Dyrt)​.

In addition to this, another noteworthy effort involves a coast-to-coast tour from San Diego, California, to St. Augustine, Florida, which also aims to raise awareness and funds for veteran causes. This 53-day tour includes various scenic and culturally significant stops, further emphasizing the commitment to supporting veteran communities across the nation​ (Timberline Adventures)​.

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