Embrace innovation at VA, take career to new heights

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is committed to fostering innovation and providing opportunities for career growth through its various programs and initiatives. The VA’s latest efforts include the Innovation Fellowship Program and expanded remote work options, allowing employees to make significant contributions while achieving a work-life balance.

Innovation Fellowship Program

The VA’s Innovation Fellowship Program offers emerging leaders the chance to develop and scale innovative solutions that enhance veteran care. The program includes two tracks: the Senior Innovation Fellowship and the Entrepreneur in Residence. Senior Fellows focus on mature projects ready for national implementation, while Entrepreneurs in Residence test new ideas for real-world impact. Notable projects include the THRIVE program and the Perinatal Reproductive Education Planning and Resources (PREPARe) initiative​ (VA News)​.

Remote Work Opportunities

Recognizing the shift in work environments post-pandemic, the VA has expanded its remote work options, categorized as either fully virtual or hybrid telework. These positions cover a wide range of roles, including clinical, administrative, and technical fields. Benefits for remote workers include competitive salaries, flexible schedules, and robust insurance plans​ (VA News)​.


The VA continues to prioritize innovation and flexibility, providing employees with the tools and opportunities to excel in their careers while delivering exceptional service to veterans. For more information about current openings and programs, visit VA Careers.

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