Upholding democracy: veterans leading the ‘Vet the Vote’ campaign in Arizona

Tucson, AZ — Every election cycle, over 100 government agencies across Arizona work diligently to recruit and train thousands of poll workers and election officials. Despite their efforts, a nationwide shortage of poll workers and election officials, including in Arizona, threatens the efficiency and integrity of our elections. To address this challenge, the non-partisan “Vet the Vote” campaign is relaunching its public awareness and recruitment initiative in Arizona, aiming to empower veterans and military family members to serve as the next generation of poll workers.

Matthew Kenney, a Tucson native, combat veteran, and Commissioner for the Arizona Veterans Advisory Commission at the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services, leads the “Vet the Vote” Arizona Coalition. Kenney emphasizes the critical role of poll workers in ensuring fair and transparent elections, highlighting the necessity of adequate staffing to allow every eligible voter to cast their ballot without undue delay.

“Veterans and military family members are uniquely suited to serve as poll workers,” Kenney states. “Their commitment to duty, respect for the rule of law, and understanding of the sacrifices required to defend our freedoms make them ideal candidates.”

The success of past recruitment efforts in Arizona showcases this dedication. In 2022, over 2,300 veterans and military family members signed up as poll workers, bolstering public confidence in the integrity of our elections.

Kenney calls on his fellow veterans and military family members to continue their service by volunteering as poll workers. “By joining us, you can ensure that every voice is heard, regardless of race, gender, or background,” he says.

Interested veterans and military family members should sign up as soon as possible to complete the required training and be prepared for Election Day. Register now at www.vetthe.vote to get involved.

Together, let’s honor the sacrifices of our veterans and military families by protecting the rights and freedoms we hold dear and ensuring that our democracy remains strong and vibrant for generations to come.

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