Veterans book online appointments with Benefits Counselors

PHOENIX, AZ – June 28, 2024 – Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services (ADVS) announces new, convenient way for veterans, families to schedule appointments with Veterans Benefits Counselors (VBCs). Appointments can now be booked online through Calendly, providing efficient alternative to traditional call center method.

Streamlined appointment scheduling

New online system designed to simplify appointment scheduling process. By utilizing Calendly, veterans can:

  • View only available time slots
  • Automatically add appointments to VBC’s calendar
  • Receive four reminders (two emails, two text messages) prior to appointment


For those who prefer not to use online system, appointments can still be scheduled by calling VBC appointment line at 602-535-1215, where staff available to assist.

Importance of using a VBC

VBCs play crucial role in helping veterans navigate complexities of VA claims. With annual training requirements, they remain up-to-date with latest information, best practices, ensuring they provide most effective assistance. VBCs well-versed in specific verbiage needed for VA claims processors, significantly enhancing likelihood of successful claim.

Comprehensive services provided by VBCs

Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services has over 50 VBCs statewide who are dual-accredited by Department of Veterans Affairs, American Legion. They assist with:

  • Educating on eligibility requirements for benefits
  • Preparing, submitting VA compensation, pension applications
  • Appealing VA decisions
  • Representing claimants at VA hearings
  • Preparing, submitting survivor benefits applications
  • Applying for discharge upgrades
  • Referring claimants to other agencies for potential benefits
  • Requesting military service records, certifying DD-214s (discharge paperwork)
  • Discussing state veteran benefits


Impact, commitment

ADVS VBCs bring in over $84 million per month in VA benefits for Arizona veterans. ‘When veterans come back into civilian world, a lot of folks think you can roll right back in, have it together, but it is a transition. That is where ADVS steps in to act as an advocate,’ said Gary Ochoa, ADVS Assistant Deputy Director of Veterans Services Division.

Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services committed to responding to evolving needs of Arizona veterans, service members, families. New online appointment system another step in enhancing support provided to veterans.

For more information or to schedule appointment, visit Calendly or call 602-535-1215.

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